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First Year

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May 2003

Piper - two hours old - 1:16 minutes

Piper meets Lila - 3:48 minutes

February 2005

 Central Park - 23 seconds (QuickTime)

March 2005

Piper & Lila / Jesus & Mary - 50 seconds  (QuickTime)

Great Exuma soup - 30 seconds (QuickTime)

May 2005

Shake your booty with cousin Sydney - 30 seconds (QuickTime)

October 2005

Piper the cat - Children's School Parade (QuickTime)

Lila the ballerina princess fairy - Children's School Parade (QuickTime)

November 2005

Piper and the goats (QuickTime)

December 2005

Piper with Santa (QuickTime)

Lila with Santa (QuickTime)

February 2006

Piper dances as Lila sings the "Zip" song (QuickTime)

April 2006

Lila ballet recital (QuickTime)

Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt (QuickTime)


See my big sister Lila & my little sister Violet